Tokyo Eater

A pop-up store that brings a slice of Japan’s trending cuisine

Tokyo Eater

An ever-changing concept that provides a new dining experience each time.


Dynamic Experience

Stay tuned for a gastronomic adventure to taste the different facets of Japan’s vibrant food scene.


What's Up?

First concept: Tendon Chazuke

Delightful bowl of crispy & succulent deep-fried tempura on a bed of delicate Japanese rice, served with light & flavourful dashi (soup).


1 bowl of tendon, 3 ways of eating

Enjoy your tendon the original way as it is, or go for the Chazuke style by pouring the freshly prepared dashi (soup) into your tendon.

Enjoy the best of both worlds by eating half originally, then pour the dashi into your remaining half bowl tendon for a light finishing.

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