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Tokyo Eater

An ever-changing concept that provides a new dining experience each time.


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Stay tuned for a gastronomic adventure to taste the different facets of Japan’s vibrant food scene.


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4 delectable Japanese-style Chicken - Nagoya Style, Hokkaido Style, Oita Style and Nanban Style

Pop-Ups in the past:

First Pop-Up Theme: Tendon Chazuke

Second Pop-Up Theme: Mentaiko

Third Pop-Up Theme: Chicken Karaage - 鶏唐揚げ


#TourJapanChikinStyle by Tokyo Eater


Featuring 4 different delectable Japanese-style chicken!

Nagoya-style Tebasaki (Japanese chicken wings) - Crisp on the outside with a savoury glaze, is a popular dish in Izakayas around the city of Nagoya.

Hokkaido’s version of fried chicken, “Zangi” takes its name from a variation of a Chinese word – “Zaji” (fried chicken) and a Japanese word – “Un” (good luck).

Surrounded by the sea and magnificent mountains, Oita is home to a rich food culture of locally grown meat, fish and vegetables. Coated with wheat flour used for tempura, Oita style Chicken Tenders is a unique mash-up in Spicy or Japanese Seaweed flavour!

Embrace the Miyazaki Style juicy Chicken Steak, qualified as one of Miyazaki’s soul food with our house-special nanban sauce!

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